Who Are We?

What Makes This Place So Special?

Our space is premium, and we need to fill it with the best unique high quality Artisan works.

Bizzy Buzz Artisan Market is at least a third of the size of most other artisan markets, so our Artisans will have smaller spaces to rent.  Our emphasis is quality over quantity.


Rochester is second only to Birmingham with regards to having the highest retail rental rates in Metro Detroit (Crain’s Detroit 6/28/15), but it also gets the most traffic and attracts travelers as well as many local residents.


Downtown Rochester has 34,000 vehicles traveling on Main Street per day.  This volume is similar to that of Woodward Avenue from midtown through downtown Detroit!


Rochester hosts thousands of residents and tourists through monthly festivals and special events.  Our excellent location allows for Artisans to showcase their artwork within this energetic area.

featured on Local 4, Live in the d!

Owners Pamela and Ryan with Rochester's Mayor Ray on Grand Opening Day!

About the Owners

The Walther’s love three things in this world - Family, Michigan and Art.  After years of career pontification and inner-reflection, we finally found a way to incorporate all three things towards a positive direction of a fruitful life.  One brisk Fall afternoon, the idea of an Artisan Market in Downtown Rochester hit Pam and Ryan like a greased freight train traveling At excessive speeds.  Why don’t we open a market in one of the best downtown areas in Metro-Detroit?!?!  Boom! 


We are proud to present to you Bizzy Buzz Artisan Market!  Pam’s marketing and artistic background, coupled with Ryan’s nerdy ability to overthink the simplest of things, our tag-team approach will work tirelessly to benefit both our artists, our community and our way of life as a family.


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